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Long-Lasting Erection With Cialis

It is possible to return natural sexual relationship even after getting a medical prove of erectile disorder. A lot in this problem is connected with psychology, and first of all you need to realize that there are a lot of medications that help to feel erection again. It will not a problem to get hard as easy, as twenty years ago, by using the correct medication. A number of erectile dysfunction pills UK drugstores offer today is huge. And doctors successfully prescribe effective medical therapy in each individual case. The most of them have the same action: ability to get aroused with strong erection during a few hours, only in case you are sexually aroused.
The same way Cialis works. It provokes intensive blood supply into a penis and inhibits blood outflow, creating hard erection. This mechanism is turned on only when a person is aroused and wishes to have sex. The effect lasts up to 30 hours. That is why it is called "a pill for a weekend". Usually the effect comes in 15 - 30 minutes after taking a pill, but without arousal you will not feel erection. You can take it every day once, this is maximally recommended frequency. One dose is 20 mg (one pill). You will enjoy terrific sex all day and night long!